What is the contribution of Parimar Brokers ?

Shipbroking is a service consisting of being an intermediary between two parties acting as principals in a shipping commercial transaction such as chartering, sale&purchase and newbuilding contracts. The main tasks are to put the principals in contact, to conduct the negotiations, to finalize the deal and to follow up the transaction. As being the center of important shipping transaction, this job require a broad field of skills and above all a big bunch of experience.

Is Parimar Brokers part of the contact ?

This is a usual confusion between intermediate and representative. In any transaction brokered by our company, we shall not be considered as an attorney to any principal but must only strictly complies with the instructions given by the principal. This is the reason why the shipbroking company is not responsible for the non or wrong execution of the contracts by the principal.

What are the main assets of Parimar Brokers ?

First, to benefit from long experience : Parimar Brokers has spent many years building up worldwide contacts within the shipping industry and has concluded hundreds of large transaction.
Second, quality : Parimar Brokers will take the utmost care of your interests and provide a valuable assistance for your business.
Then independence : as a boutique broker, we don’t have any conflict of interest, all your enquiries will be handled in order to propose a widescreen.

You will receive on request a consistent information about all aspects : commercial, (vessels and cargoes positions), technical, legal and financial of the shipping market.