Privacy Policy

Use of cookies and data collection

When you visit the “PARIMAR BROKERS” website, we inform you that cookies are created on your computer. Cookies are compact piece of information recording information about the navigation of the users on the website. For safety issues, we use this system to create a temporary link between the user and the server to help the navigation. This link is systematically lost after a prolonged interruption of the dialog with the server or after the voluntary stop of the connection.

Majority of contact information registered and stored in Parimar Brokers database have been collected on a voluntary basis, along several years of active and proven shipbroking relationship with you.

Data protection

Your contact information are solely used to provide you with market relevant information, market reports, circulars pertaining to the daily business of Parimar Brokers and is not shared with unauthorized third party without your express consent.

Parimar Brokers apply all necessary actions, technical procedures and appropriate measures to ensure a consistent and highest possible level of protection of your contact datas. Your contact information are stored on our  server in France and their processing is handled with all care that internet connection can permit .

Your data protection rights

Parimar Brokers is willing to respect all fair and transparency in the processing of your datas and is ready to provide you with any information you may require about your stored datas. At all time you have the right to correct or to limit the use or to delete your datas from our lists.